Acne Scars

Informative resources to help you better understand various types of acne scars

The Facts & Figures

Infographics, and other helpful diagrams to help you better understand acne scars, treatment solutions and tactics for improving self-esteem and overall confidence

Living Life Scar Free

A collection of images and videos that we’re continually curating to inspire acne scar sufferers to live life free of any emotional scars and challenges

Skin Types

An overview of 6 different skin types, from very fair (type 1) to dark brown or black (type 6)

  • Type 1 skin
    Type I
    Very fair, always burns, cannot tan
  • Type 2
    Usually burns, rarely tans
  • Type 3
    Sometimes burns, tans modestly
  • Skin type 4
    Type 4
    Seldom burns, tans easily
  • Type 5
    Rarely burns
  • Type 6
    Dark pigment, never burns

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Expert Q&A

Find acne scar insights, tips, and answers from our expert dermatologists.


Acne scar
treatment options

Learn about newer treatments for acne scars.


It all starts with love

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