Three Ways to Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Sharon Fountain

February 9th, 2015

Whether your sentiments toward Valentine’s Day align with Hallmark conspiracy, favorite holiday or simply a nice excuse to eat chocolate, the holiday is here to stay. V-Day can put negative stress on single people as well as those in relationships. In order to skip the drama and share the love, I’ve put together three ways to love yourself—and honor your body, mind and spirit—this February 14th.


For a perfect day of self-love, its best to start in the morning! Upon waking, take thirty minutes to thank yourself and your body for all it can do. You may choose to meditate, prepare a nourishing breakfast or take a long walk. This Saturday morning, thank your body for your positive attributes and perceived “flaws.” Celebrate everything that makes you, you!


Up next on the agenda: express love for your mind! The best way to do this is with uninterrupted reading. Even if you’re already an avid reader, try to unplug while you hit the books. You may be surprised about how great, and relaxed, you feel after 30-60 minutes of reading for pleasure —uninterrupted by smartphone temptation. The countless benefits of reading are well documented, and include stress reduction, improved sleep, and even increased empathy.


With body and mind taken care of, it’s time to pamper your spirit. If your spirit needs a little shopping spree, then by all means, spree away in a fashion that uplifts you while also leaving your budget intact! It may feel nice to spend time in nature, or go for a scenic drive while listening to a favorite playlist as loud as you want. Do something that makes you feel uninhibited joy.

However you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, remove your struggle with acne scars from the equation and make a conscious effort to love and support your whole self in your own best way.


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