Avoiding the Skin Care Woes of Winter

Ruth Tedaldi | December 8, 2014

Unless you live in Florida, parts of SoCal or Hawaii, most of us have said our farewells to beach parties and BBQ’s on the deck. Fall is also a beautiful time, especially if you live a part of the country where the leaves change. Much like leaves signal the transition of one season to another, […]

Treatment Focus: Ablative Laser Treatments

Philip Werschler | October 12, 2014

We previously discussed nonablative laser and dermabrasion resurfacing treatments. As a reminder, resurfacing is a term used to describe a process where layers of skin are removed to even out bumpy, scared or blotchy skin. For this post, I’ll be providing an overview of one of the more aggressive forms of resurfacing—ablative laser treatments. Ablative […]

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