Suggesting a trip to the dermatologist

Sharon Fountain | November 3, 2014

My girlfriend has a bit of acne scarring on her face, and she is incredibly self-conscious. I think she’s beautiful. I was thinking about suggesting she see a dermatologist to learn about available treatment options, but I’m afraid it will crush her spirit if I do that. Do you have any tips on how to […]

What can I do to strengthen my self-confidence?

Joan Breiner | October 5, 2014

Ask The Expert: I suffer from low self-esteem, but you would never guess as I still try to be outgoing. When it comes to help, I am too embarrassed to join a support group or see a therapist. What can I do to strengthen my self-confidence? Joan Responds: It’s very common for individuals with low […]

What Does Self-Esteem Look Like?

Joan Breiner |

Over the years, the concept of self-esteem has taken on many different definitions, but there is one recurring theme: self-esteem is vital to leading a full, healthy and productive life. Continuously developed through every stage of life, self-esteem is a powerful ingredient in the life you lead, for better or worse.

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