Smile, it’s Good for You!

Sharon Fountain

January 5th, 2015

Although a smile may seem like a natural, involuntary response to a funny joke, something cute or positive news, smiling can also have an impact on other aspects of your well-being. Smiles can lift your mood and decrease stress levels, all while improving the world around you.

It’s no doubt our acne scar community needs more reasons to smile. You’ve come to the right place. Here are a few benefits associated with letting your best smile beam:

  • Improve your mood— Smiling can trick your brain into changing your mood to a happier, more positive state of mind.
  • Smile more, stress less—As a smile emerges, the muscle movements in your face are interpreted by the brain, which releases neurotransmitters called endorphins. Endorphins are the natural, stress-relieving chemical your body produces. The more we stimulate our brain to release this chemical the more often we feel happier and relaxed. Additionally, as the release of endorphins increases, cortisol—a hormone tied to stress—is reduced, lowering the unpleasant feelings associated with negative stress.
  • It’s contagious—By brightening a room with your smile, you can change the outlook of others by making it a more positive place to be. By smiling, you not only bring happiness to others, but also draw others to you. When others see a person smiling, they feel more rewarded and are more likely to view you as more reliable, relaxed and sincere.
  • Smiling can even improve your physical health—When you smile, you’ll experience a greater sense of relaxation. When you relax, your immune system is able to work more efficiently, which can help reduce the risk of sicknesses like colds and flu.

If your acne scars are preventing you from enjoying a genuine smile, consider seeking advice from a professional. And remember, when you smile, you allow your true self to shine through!


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