The Power of Self-Esteem

Joan Breiner

October 26th, 2014

In the midst of our crazy and chaotic lives we often lose sight of what’s most important in life—loving and taking care of ourselves. Between looking out for those around us and consuming ourselves with other’s needs, it’s easy to underestimate the power of knowing our own strengths and talents—both physical and emotional. Expert therapist Dr. Nathaniel Branden, known for his six pillars of self-esteem, notes that our own self-evaluations and attitudes directly affect the way we cope and react to situations. They’re more powerful than we think! In one of our earlier blog posts, we provided a working definition for self-esteem, and shared several tips for building self-esteem with a community member. In this post, I’ll be building on both of those discussions to show the power that self-esteem—good and bad—can have over our abilities to make tough decisions.

Acknowledging our strengths and accepting our weaknesses are some of the keys to a happy and successful future, but many are reluctant to understand how impactful this equation is. For example, imagine you’re faced with an unwavering challenge at work or school. With low self-esteem and deteriorating confidence, you might not be up for facing it head on and will find it hard to develop a game plan or set goals. Understanding your positive capabilities before evaluating a situation will help garner confidence and success.

In addition, Dr. Branden highlights the fact that of all the judgments we can make in the world, none are more important or impactful than the ones we make about ourselves—a testament to the persuasive power of good and bad self-esteem.

More than anything, remember that you have the power and control to handle any situation—luck favors the prepared! No one is in charge of your destiny except you. Tapping into your strengths will help you accept and be comfortable with yourself, making it easier to deal with anything life throws at you.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Comment below and share what power your own self-evaluation has on your daily life.