Take the Pledge

Are you letting your acne scars define you?

Are you not feeling self-confident or avoiding doing things because of what you see in the mirror? No one can love us completely unless we love ourselves first.

Here and now, let’s change that by taking
the first step — by taking the pledge.

Make your personal pledge today.

Make a promise to yourself to make positive changes in your life.

I'm Pledging...

to make positive changes from this day forward, which means I commit to:

  • Loving myself completely – ALL of me.
  • Letting go of my emotional baggage from my scars to move forward with being the real me.
  • Looking past my scars to see the beautiful person I am, and holding my head high to speak with confidence every day.
  • Looking at myself in the mirror every day to tell myself I’m worthy, I’m beautiful inside and out, and I am loved.

Make your personal pledge today.

You will be sent an email that you can print to remind yourself of your commitment.

You Have Pledged!

Congrats on making this personal pledge to change your life and change how you feel about yourself!

From this day forward, no more beating yourself up mentally and emotionally. It all starts with love for ourselves. You are worth it.

Check your email for your pledge.
Print it out or keep it in your phone and look at it to remind you of your important promise to yourself.

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It all starts with love

I pledge to me to love myself — ALL of myself — from this day forward. And today I proclaim it.

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