Dermal Fillers
for Facial Acne Scarring

Atrophic acne scars are pitted scars that occur when fibrous tissue replaces healthy tissue damaged by acne and not enough replacement collagen is formed.

Several treatment options are available for this type of facial acne scarring, depending on the type and severity of the scarring. One of the options available is dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers are injected into and underneath the skin to “plump” up the area. They restore youthfulness to the face by softening facial creases, smoothing out wrinkles, and restoring volume.

Using fillers to treat acne scars
Multiple treatment options using fillers are available for facial acne scarring, depending on the type and severity of the scarring.

Fillers may be injected underneath atrophic scars to raise the bottom of the scar to the surface of the skin and give a smoother look, which can also stimulate collagen growth. Dermal fillers vary in how long they last — from months to years — before being reabsorbed and require repeat treatments over time.

While fillers have been reviewed and approved by the FDA to treat facial wrinkles and folds, it was considered off-label when used to treat acne scars — until recently. As background, “off-label” means doctors were using approved products in new and different ways that had not been reviewed by the FDA’s approval process.

In December 2014, the FDA approved Bellafill® as a safe and effective dermal filler for the treatment of atrophic acne scars, following a rigorous clinical trial. Bellafill® is the only dermal filler currently approved for the treatment of acne scars in the U.S.

Dermal fillers on the market in the U.S.
They vary in composition, longevity, depth of placement, and cost. More information about current fillers on the market can be found below.

NOTE: Always consult with a medical professional to make sure you have a proper diagnosis and plan of action to safely achieve healthy skin.

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