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Here you will find blogs from our skin care, dermatology, and self-esteem experts on topics related to facial acne scarring, such as acne scarring treatments, overall skincare tips, and how to build and enhance self-esteem.

Our 13 experts are professionals in dermatology, medical aesthetics, self-esteem, and mental health fields. Each expert understands the negative impact that acne scars can have on self-esteem and mental state. This is why they are committed to helping people like us with acne scarring to improve our lives.

Each expert will share posts throughout the year to offer more insights and tips. We encourage feedback and welcome your questions.

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Expert Q&A

Find acne scar insights, tips, and answers from our expert dermatologists.


Acne scar
treatment options

Learn about newer treatments for acne scars.


It all starts with love

I pledge to me to love myself — ALL of myself — from this day forward. And today I proclaim it.

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