Living with Facial Acne Scars

You might feel isolated or that you’ve exhausted
all your treatment options, as most of
us with facial acne scarring have
felt most of our teen and adult lives.
Acne scarring is not just skin deep
— it has an emotional impact.

Acne scars should not define who you are. You are beautiful and deserve to feel beautiful and there are treatment options that can help you.

Here are some ways to break free — take control:

  1. Find a supportive community

    Join our online community that allows you to talk with others like us. Let us be a support system where you feel comfortable and empowered to talk about your acne scars.

  2. Talk to an expert

    Do treatment research on current options available and then schedule a consulation with your local dermatologist to review treatment options. Also find answers to common questions in our Expert Q&A.

  3. Education is power

    Research deeper into treatment options. You may feel that you’ve tried everything, but there are newer facial acne scar treatment options. You may be surprised what you find. For example, the FDA recently approved Bellafill. Learn about newer treatment options.

  4. Affirmations

    Sometimes we get down on ourselves. But don’t fall into that mindset. When was the last time you told yourself you’re beautiful? Make sure to do this every day and make a habit out of it. Look in the mirror each morning and affirm your beautfy and self-worth. Start out by saying something as simple as, “my scars don’t defind me. I am beautiful inside and out.”

Here is a collection of videos that we feel are inspiring to those of us living with acne scars. It’s time to live life free of emotional scars.

Click on a thumbnail to watch a video.

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It all starts with love

I pledge to me to love myself — ALL of myself — from this day forward. And today I proclaim it.

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